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One Call Does It All!

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Credit Card Release by Phone or FAX

"I called Mark extremely early in the morning because my father ran into a little trouble. Mark was so fast and efficient, polite and understanding. I would recommended him to anyone who is in trouble and needs help, go to Mark! He will help you. I'm sure glad I did. Thanks Mark. Yours Truly,"
-- Gilbert H.

"Hi Mark,Your website is excellent! I really like the setup. And I love the humorus link....that's too funny. Keep up the good work."
--Latara W.

"Mark, It was nice talking with you today. I appreciate your in-depth explanations regarding the bail process...We thank you for your offer to rewrite the bond at no cost so that it may continue for the one year period...we also appreciate your second offer to allow us to pay monthly payments on the new bond...Thank you"
-- Kevin E.

"Thanks for letting me know and thanks again for all your help with Steve - I sincerely appreciate everything you did!"
-- Tammy S.

"Dear Mark, I just wanted to thank you so much for all the help that you have given us during this trying time in our lives. You remained the consummate professional throughout, and you were never once patronizing, a quality, I am sorry to say, is rarely seen in today's society. A thank you falls to short of what we truly wish to express. Sincerely yours"
-- Eddie Y.

"Mr. Mark Dowling, Dear Sir, Just a note to say thanks. Surely God must have sent you to help us. The fact that you took time to help us, perfect strangers, was no simple incident. It means so much to us to have all this information regarding our property. Thanks again and to your wife give our thanks and best regards. We're so grateful to her for making it all come together. May God bless you both always."
-- Anderson J.

"Dear Mark, I know you appreciate me and the way we do business but, honestly, I appreciate you just as much because when I need you, you are always there quickly and without a whisper of hassle. You are discreet and humorous. You are one of the few people I am glad to see when necessary but also hope never to have to see! Such irony. Have a great summer."
-- Sandra S.

"Mark your leniency and understanding has made this process much less stressful. I'm glad I called you and if I know of anyone in a bind I'll be sure to pass on your number and good deeds".
--Brittney E.