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Credit Card Release by Phone or FAX

With lower rates for clients who retain private counsel, interest free payment plans, no surrender warrant service and court appearances, private firms can save their clients time and money by referring them to  Speedy Bail Bonds.

Speedy has working relationships with the following attorneys:

  • Eric Schweitzer
  • Annie Davidian
  • David R Mugridge
  • Rick Berman and
  • Jacob Arisian

These colleagues of yours will vouch for my personal attention to the client and quick speedy service.  

Video welcome message from Mr Speedy to Attorneys

No Surrender Warrants

If your client has an outstanding warrant and would like to post bail without going to jail, Speedy Bail Bonds can solve this problem. We will go to court, have the warrant recalled and a court date calendared.

Non- Traditional Release

Speedy Bail Bonds offers clients who retain private counsel the option of posting bail by phone, fax or email. We will even post your clients' bond with a phone guarantee so they can expedite the release of their friend, coworker, employee or family member.Problem Solved!

Court Support

Our professional staff is prepared, at a moments notice, to assist clients who need our services in court. For example, if your client is appearing in custody and would like to post bail, we can deliver the bond to the court and reduce the amount of time your client spends in jail. We will also appear for PC1275 and reinstatement hearings if needed.

Save Your Client 30% On Bail

Speedy Bail Bonds offers the lowest rates available for clients who retain private counsel. If your client is serious enough to hire your firm, then I am willing to pass this savings along in an effort to reduce the overall cost of a sound criminal defense. Save your client 20% to 30% on bail today.

Interest Free Payment Plans

Speedy Bail Bonds is known for being one of the most affordable bail agencies in California. With payment plans for any working client who needs it, speedy lightens the financial burden placed on the client when the bail is posted. Speedy gives our clients affordable interest free payment plans so they can literally bail today and pay tomorrow. Speedy will put together an affordable payment plan, so our mutual client can get out today regardless of whether they have all the money up front for bail.